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Terms & Conditions

Each person using the hot tub does so at their own risk, and must read and fully understand the following information to ensure:

  • proper and safe use of the hot tub

  • personal safety

  • protection of personal property

  • protection of the hot tub and its accessories

  • prevention of water contamination

Use of the hot tub by any person implies they have read, understood and agreed to all instructions and advice.

The following advice is not exhaustive and standard water/pool safety and common sense must be applied.  ‘The Hirer(s)’ (the person(s) who made the booking and/or paid the hire charge) takes full responsibility for the safety of all persons and the protection of all property, their own or that of Purbeck Hot Tub Hire Ltd, during the hire period.   Any damage that is caused to our hot tub or any part or accessory whether integral or detachable will be paid for by The Hirer.


DO consult your GP about any medical conditions such as, but not limited to, pregnancy or high blood pressure before using the hot tub. 


DO take extra care using the hot tub if you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions as chlorine MAY irritate. 

DO shower before entering the hot tub to remove fake tan, face paint, make-up, lotions, suntan products, hair products and any other products as these will cause water contamination and damage the filter.

DO make sure feet are completely clean before entering the hot tub.  Use of pool shoes and a bowl of water placed by the hot tub steps is strongly advised.

If the spa water becomes contaminated and we are required to attend to rectify this a charge of £50 will be payable.  If the filter becomes damaged the cost of a replacement will also be payable by The Hirer.

DO only enter the hot tub by the steps provided.  The wall/rim of the hot tub must not be used as a step, to sit on, or for entering the hot tub.

DO take care not to step on or place anything on the control panel.  If damaged The Hirer will be responsible for the cost of a replacement.

DO make sure that the thermal cover is securely in place when the hot tub is not in use.  No weight should be brought to bear on the cover - it is to provide insulation only and is easily damaged if mistreated.

DO keep the water level topped up as instructed - the level must not drop below the top of the filter.

DO add chemicals as instructed to maintain water quality and safety.

DO ensure the water in the hot tub remains clean.  We will not be held responsible for any person suffering any type of reaction to bathing in the hot tub.

DO always leave the hot tub on AUTO when not in use.

DO NOT allow children under 16 years’ of age to use the hot tub unless strictly and closely supervised by a responsible adult.

DO NOT leave children unsupervised in or around the hot tub and do not let children play with the appliance or its controls.


DO NOT sit or step on the rim of the hot tub, or sit, step/stand on or place anything on the control panel or the thermal cover.

DO NOT put your head under the water or drink the water.

DO NOT add any chemicals/bubbles/foam/shampoo or any other product not supplied by us.

DO NOT move or attempt to move the hot tub once it is in position.

DO NOT use electrical goods, kindles/readers, phones/mobile phones/tablets in or around the hot tub.

DO NOT smoke or use BBQs in or around the hot tub.

DO NOT drink alcohol or use glass or any other breakable items in or around the hot tub.

DO NOT overcrowd the hot tub.  Please limit the number according to age/size of the people using it at any one time.

DO NOT let pets in or around the hot tub.


It is a condition of hire that any loss or damage occurring during the hire period will be paid for by The Hirer(s) and The Hirer(s) agrees to this by accepting delivery of the hot tub.


Purbeck Hot Tub Hire Ltd will not be liable for injury or death caused to any person or damage to property due to misuse of our hot tubs whilst on hire.