It is our absolute aim that you enjoy your hot tub hire experience to the full, that the quality of the spa water is maintained throughout the hire period, and that every user understands how to keep themselves and the equipment safe.

Please act responsibly in and around the hot tub to avoid accidents/injury/damage, and read the following guidelines:

An adult must be present at the time of delivery and time of collection and be prepared to sign for the hot tub – the customer will at this point become responsible for the hot tub.

Our Team will give full instructions on how to operate the hot tub during the hire.  We will also leave a copy of the Rotaspa Owner’s Manual and Conditions of Hire which must be agreed to and signed for by the customer.

Please ensure you read the Rotaspa Owner’s manual in full paying particular attention to all safety information.

Consult your GP about any medical conditions such as, but not limited to, pregnancy or high blood pressure before using the hot tub.

Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the hot tub and do not let children play with the appliance.

Users must shower before entering the hot tub and ensure their feet are clean.  Use of pool shoes and/or a bowl of water by the steps is advisable.

Fake tan, face paint, make-up, lotions, suntan oil/lotion, hair products and any other oil-based products must be removed completely before using the hot tub as they can result in water contamination and may damage the filter.

Do not put your head under the water or drink the water.

Do not add any chemicals/bubbles/foam/shampoo or any other product not supplied by us.

If the spa water becomes contaminated and we are required to attend to recover this, a charge will be payable by the customer.

The hot tub must only be accessed by the steps provided and the wall must not be used as a step, to sit upon, or for entering the hot tub.

Extra care must be taken not to step on or place anything on the control panel.  If damaged the customer will be liable for the cost of replacement.

The thermal cover should always be securely in place when the hot tub is not in use.  No weight should be brought to bear on the cover as it is to protect the water from debris and provide insulation only.  It is easily damaged if misused in any way and the customer will be liable for the cost of a replacement cover if damage occurs.

Do not move or attempt the move the hot tub once it is in position.

Do not smoke or use BBQs in or around the hot tub.

Do not drink alcohol or use glass or any other breakable items in or around the hot tub.

Do not overcrowd the hot tub.  Please limit the number according to age/size of the people using at any one time.

Do not let pets in or around the hot tub.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the water in the hot tub remains clean.  We will not be held responsible for any person suffering any type of reaction to bathing in the hot tub.

It is a condition of hire that any loss or damage occurring during the hire period will be paid for by the customer and the customer agrees to this by accepting delivery of the hot tub.

Concierge Hot Tub Hire (Swanage & Purbeck Concierge Ltd) will not be liable for injury or death caused to any person or damage to property due to misuse of our hot tubs whilst on hire.


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