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Updated: Jun 17

Whether for you and your family to spend quality time together, or a stunning addition to your holiday property, your hot tub will need regular care and attention in line with H&S guidelines. And this takes time. Time which you don't have, or which you need for the many other responsibilities and commitments in your busy life. Or, and quite rightly so, time which is much better spent doing things you would much rather be doing.

Our dedicated team are fully trained in spa water safety and Health & Safety Guidelines HSG282 - 'The control of legionella & other infectious agents in spa-pool systems compliance' and have extensive experience in hot tub and swim spa/pool cleaning and water management.

With their expertise and range of industrial spa cleaning equipment they can make quick and efficient work of any spa cleaning requirements. For private users' 3-4 month recommended full drain and clean, annual/bi-annual deep clean with chemical pipe flush, or for reliable and cost effective changeovers between paying guests in holiday/ABNB properties in Swanage, Wareham, Poole, Sandbanks and all surrounding areas of Dorset, we can provide exactly what you need and when you need it.

To become one of our very satisfied customers, just call, email or fill in the Contact Form on our Website for a completely free no obligation consultation/site visit. And, if you do engage our services, we guarantee transparent and highly competitive charges based on your hot tub/spa only.

We do not ask for a minimum commitment or retainer fees, nor we do operate generic service packages where owners of smaller spas actually subsidise those with larger appliances, or spas which may need longer spent to bring them back to newness. We will advise you on the best care routine for your hot tub/spa, and decide with you what you need during our free consultation.

For more information visit our Hot Tub Cleaning Service page and FAQ

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