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Operating Instructions

Use of the hot tub by any person implies they have read our Terms & Conditions in full and agree to the instructions and conditions of use.  Children under the age of 16 years will be the responsibility of the Hirer or other appropriate adult.


Always shower before entering the hot tub and use pool shoes and the footbath to avoid contaminating the spa water.


The hot tub should remain connected to the power source at all times.


The ‘SNOOZE’ mode has been set for 10.30pm to 10.00am (‘zZz’ icon).  Press any of the buttons to initiate a 45 minute activation.  The spa will then return to ‘SNOOZE’ mode.


The water temperature has been set for 39 degrees. The ‘FLAME’ icon will go out when the temperature is reached.  The temperature can be adjusted by pressing the up/down arrows followed by ‘OK’.


To start the pump press the top right button.  Press again for ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’ or ‘AUTO’.


Rotate the black dial to the right of the control panel to control the hydrojets (if a jet does not seem to be working, gently rotate it as they can become closed).


For the underwater LED lights press the bottom middle button.


The hot tub should be left on ‘AUTO’ mode when not in use.


The thermal cover should always be securely in place when the hot tub is not in use.

Hot Tub Water Safety

The hot tub is equipped with a chlorine dispenser inside the filter.  There should be sufficient tablets for the duration of hire provided the thermal cover is firmly in place when the spa is not in use.


Chlorine level checks should nonetheless be conducted daily and/or prior to use by holding a test strip at least 20cm into the water for the count of 2.  Remove and lightly shake off excess water.  Compare the test strip with the scale on the container.


If Chlorine level is showing as high (test colour is deep and dark), open or remove thermal cover to allow sunlight to dissipate the Chlorine.  Re-test until the recommended level is reached.


If no Chlorine is present (no colour on test strip) the hot tub must not be used until the Chlorine level has been restored.


To restore Chlorine level take a teaspoon of the supplied Chlorine granules, remove the black floating filter housing cover (lifts straight out) and tip the granules alongside the filter.


Run spa on ‘High’ with air jets on full for at least 10 minutes.  Switch all jets to ‘Off’ and re-test the water with a fresh test strip.


This should restore Chlorine to the recommended level.  If still no/low reading repeat the process.


If there is any doubt regarding the sanitisation of the water please contact Purbeck Hot Tub Hire for advice on 07488 301008 or 01929 761304