Your hot tub will be delivered and set up by our specialist team early in the evening of the first day of hire. This allows time for the water to heat thoroughly overnight giving you four/six full days use of the spa.

It will be rolled into position so will require a minimum of 185cm height and 80cm width of passage with no sharp turns. This can be achieved either around or even through your house depending on your accessibility. When considering access please always measure at the narrowest point and bear in mind obstructions such as gate posts, drainpipes etc.

The hot tub will require a clean, firm and level area of approximately 3m x 3m, and once in situ it cannot be moved as the full weight is 950kg. A substantial patio or a stone-free lawn are ideal.

If you have any doubts regarding access to your property or suitability of the intended location for the hot tub, please discuss this with our team before booking as we will be unable to provide a refund if you are unable to accommodate the hot tub when we deliver.

Once connected to the power supply, it should remain so unless there is a safety issue. 24 hours should be allowed for the water to reach the perfect temperature.

All our hot tubs are completely sanitized prior to delivery and we supply all necessary water treatments and sanitizer needed during your hire period. Full instruction in the safe use of the hot tub and water management will be provided at the time of installation.

We will ask you to read and sign a hire agreement in line with the Terms shown on this website.  This is to ensure that all spa users are aware of safety information in relation to use of the apparatus.


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